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Electricity & Magnetism ››

compute magnetic flux density for an object
1m 1A Helmholtz coil magnetic flux density of a long wire, distance 5 m, I=3A

Electric Circuits ››

compute characteristics of an AC signal
AC source 110V
compute characteristics of a Chebyshev filter
Chebyshev type 2 filter

Electric Machines & Power Systems ››

compute characteristics of a motor
synchronous motor 6 poles
compute characteristics of a transformer
transformer 110V, 60Hz

Waveguides ››

explore properties of ideal waveguides
circular waveguide
examine properties of specific modes
transverse electrical waves in a circular wave guide for m=1, n=1
investigate attenuated waveguides
attenuated rectangular waveguide at 600 GHz

Energy Resources ››

get data on energy resources
France electricity generation
compare energy sources for a country
US hydroelectric vs wind electricity generation

Energy Prices ››

get energy price data
price of electricity in Illinois
compute cost for a specified quantity
cost of 300 kWh of electricity in Minnesota