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Economic Data

US Economy ››

compare economic data for the US
US unemployment rate vs real minimum wage
get economic data for a US state
New York tax revenue

World Economy ››

get economic information about the world
world gdp per capita
compare economic data for a country group
Asian GINI index What was Africa's net national income including adjustments in 2007?
compare economic data for multiple countries
Germany, China gross national expenditures

Salaries & Wages ››

get salary data for a given occupation
intercity bus driver salary minimum wage in Texas
do computations with salary figures
salary waiter / forester

Workforce Data

get workforce statistics for a country
family workers in South Korea self-employed workers in Canada
specify a group of countries
North America part time employment
compare countries
contributing family workers of Japan vs. Philippines
do computations with workforce data
self-employed workers in Canada/self-employed workers in UK

Wealth Distribution

get information about wealth distribution per country
poverty in russia Gini index of African countries
compare poverty statistics between countries
poverty in Turkey vs Georgia

Unemployment Rates ››

get unemployment data for a US state
unemployment rate North Dakota
compare unemployment in several US cities
unemployment rate NYC, Chicago

Cost of Living ››

get cost of living indices for a city
cost of living index Boston
compute a cost of living comparison
moving from St Louis to San Francisco salary $42,500

Agriculture ››

get data on meat production in a given country
Spain meat production
get livestock population data
Brazil livestock

Energy Data ››

get data on energy resources
China energy production
get energy price data
price of electricity in Illinois

Housing ››

get home value data
median home value Madison, WI
compare house prices in several cities
house prices Phoenix, St. Louis, Miami

Health Care Expenses ››

get an overview of health care costs in a country
Canada healthcare expenditures
get details of health care costs
prescription expenses in Sweden


get trade statistics
Norway trade surplus
do computations with trade statistics
US export value / import value export costs in singapore vs france


get tourism statistics
visitors to New Zealand visitors to China, Thailand

Telecommunications Statistics ››

get telecommunications data for a country
telecommunications in Malaysia
get data for a class of countries
internet users in South America