Earth Sciences

Geology ››

get information about a geological layer of earth
get information about a geological eon, era, period, or epoch
Jurassic Period
get information about a mineral

Geodesy & Navigation ››

get information about a geodetic reference ellipsoid
compute current local gravitational field strength
compute geomagnetic field strength for a given date and location
geomagnetism Oslo on 12 Feb 2007

Volcanoes ››

compare volcanoes
Krakatau, Tambora
get information about volcanic eruptions
volcanic eruptions

Earthquakes ››

get data about recent earthquakes
specify location and time
earthquakes Mexico 1985
do earthquake magnitude computations
Richter scale 6
get information about seismic wave travel times
seismic travel times from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Oceanography ››

get information about an ocean
Atlantic Ocean
compute properties of the ocean at a given depth
ocean at 300m
find the absorption coefficient of seawater
sound absorption in sea water

Tides ››

get current tide information
tides Seattle
get a tide forecast
tides Oahu tomorrow
get historical tide information
tides Boston October 2005

Atmospheric Sciences ››

compute atmospheric properties for a given elevation
atmosphere 40000ft
compute saturation vapor pressure
saturation vapor pressure 30C
get information about a type of cloud

Climate ››

analyze global climate data
global climate studies
analyze greenhouse gas data
global CO2 level