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Russia demographics
visualize demographic information about a country
age pyramid for the Philippines
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Finland median age
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Japan female population / male population France pop 2000 - France pop 1980 population of India in 2030
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How many people speak the official languages of Canada? unemployment rate of country with largest population

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Buenos Aires
compare several cities
New York, London, Tokyo
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population Brussels / Paris
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population density of the capital of Iowa

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Wichita metro area
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population of the New York City urban area

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Wisconsin median household income

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Cook County, Illinois
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population Apache County / Pima County

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CA district 8
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cuban hispanic population of Florida congressional districts

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black population in Philadelphia Tahlequah metro area ethnicities seniors in Colorado 3rd Congressional District
analyze specific properties of multiple areas
female population in poverty in New Hampshire counties Colombian Hispanic population of US states

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ZIP 60637
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ZIP 88201 Native American population