Dates & Times

Date & Time Computations ››

find out the current date and time
specify a date by its place on the calendar
third Tuesday in April
do computations with birth dates and other data
Ferdinand Magellan's birth date to Wiley Post's birth date
calculate a length of time
8:25 am to 7:10pm

Time Zones ››

get information about a time zone
Mountain Time
get the current time in a specified city
time in Tokyo

Calendars ››

generate a calendar for a month
this month
generate a calendar for a year
2010 AD
get information about the calendar
Which months have 31 days?

Islamic Prayer Times

find information about Islamic prayer times
Islamic prayer times Dhuhr time in Tokyo tomorrow

Holidays ››

compute the date of a holiday
Easter 1910
compute the dates of holidays for a given year
holidays 2009
do computations with holidays
How many days until Labor Day?

Recurring Events

get information about a recurring event
taste of chicago
compare information for past events
ComicCon International vs Burning Man

Historical Events ››

get the date of a historical event
Battle of Hastings
find notable events in a specified date range
September 1 to October 31, 2001 What happened in August 1969?

Birth and Death Dates

find people born on a specified date
people born on Jan 17, 1922
find the birth or death date of a person
Claude Monet's death date

Unix Time

get the Unix encoding for the current time
unix time
get the Unix encoding for an arbitrary date and time
2:34:06pm May 12, 1979 in Unix Time
translate a Unix time encoding
unix time 1234567890

Geochronology ››

get information about a geological eon, era, period, or epoch
Jurassic Period
find the geological epoch corresponding to a given time
20 million years ago


find birthstones for a specified month
July birthstones
specify a date
birthstones 2004/5/6
find the Ayurvedic birthstones for a month
ayurvedic trinkets for people born in October

Birth Flowers

find birth flowers for a specified month
flowers for people born in February

Wedding Anniversaries

find names for a specified wedding anniversary
9th wedding anniversary
find gifts associated with all wedding anniversaries
wedding anniversary gifts