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analyze your Facebook data
facebook report
click on friends' names to analyze their shared Facebook data
facebook friends

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get information about a movie
compare movies
Rear Window vs Vertigo
connect movies with people
movies starring Kevin Bacon and Tom Cruise

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Star Trek
compare TV shows
Flintstones vs the Simpsons

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get information about a television network
Bloomberg Television
compare networks

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Mario Kart 64
ask about a property of a game
When was Tomb Raider II released?

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get information about a piece of artwork
The Kiss by Rodin
compare artwork
Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, Campbell's Soup Cans, Eight Elvises
connect a work of art with other subjects
what was the age of Leonardo when the Mona Lisa was painted?

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get information about a notable text
US constitution
read the opening phrase of a novel
opening phrase of A Tale of Two Cities
get information on characters in a play
characters in a Midsummer Night's Dream
find texts by a given author
Lucy Maud Montgomery notable books

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New York Times vs Wall Street Journal
do calculations with periodical properties
circulation Scientific American Mind / High Times

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The Walking Dead comics
compare comics
Box Office Poison comic, Batman comic

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do document length calculations
70,000 words
specify a language
35,000 words in Finnish

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Blowin' in the Wind
request specific information about a song
Who wrote Stairway to Heaven?

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A Prairie Home Companion radio program
find radio programs with specified characteristics
oldest radio show

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Who was Gandalf the Grey?
find fictional relatives
Snoopy's family
get information on a Pokémon

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learn about the math behind drawing a popular curve
Doctor John Zoidberg‐like curve 007 shape-like curve
carry out graphics operations on popular curves
randomly colored Mew-like curve pebble stone image of Lady Gaga curve

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compare mythological figures
Isis, Seshat
ask about a characteristic of a mythological figure
Where did Achilles die?

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get information about a Nobel Prize
1980 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
get information about an Academy Award
Oscar for best actress 1958


complete an aphorism
a penny saved two things are infinite Why did the chicken cross the road?

Famous Lines

complete famous lines from songs and movies
possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? How many roads must a man walk down?

Nursery Rhymes

complete a nursery rhyme
Little Jack Horner How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?