Computational Sciences

Cellular Automata ››

compute properties of an elementary cellular automaton
rule 110
specify the range and number of colors
CA 3-color, range 1, rule 4594122302107
specify a totalistic cellular automaton
3-color code 1086

Substitution Systems ››

analyze a substitution system
substitution system 0->10, 1->01 substitution system 1->2, 2->31, 3->24, 4->15, 5->2
specify a neighbor-dependent system
substitution system 01->2, 2->012, 1->12

Turing Machines ››

compute properties of a Turing machine
Turing machine 2506
specify initial conditions
evolve TM 120597441632 on random tape, width = 5
name a famous Turing machine
Busy Beaver 3-states 3-colors

Computational Complexity ››

get information about a complexity class
non-deterministic polynomial time
compare complexity classes

Ackermann Function

evaluate the Ackermann function
ackermann[2,3] what is ackermann 4,1? ack(2,ack(2,1))

Algebraic Codes ››

analyze an algebraic code
cyclic code 36, 2
find codes with a given level of error correction
codes that can correct 7 errors

Fractals ››

analyze a fractal
Koch snowflake Sierpinski gasket Haferman carpet

Programming ››

get usage information about a Wolfram Language function
find groups of functions
Wolfram Language plotting functions
use functional programming constructs such as Map
sin /@ {pi/6, pi/5, pi/4, pi/3, pi/2, pi}
compare programming languages
Wolfram Language, APL

Software Products ››

get information about a software product
Skype software
compare software products
git vs mercurial

Image Processing ››

apply a morphological operator to an image
apply bottom-hat transform to trumpet image
detect features of an image
find features of shark image with radius 0.5
perform color processing
posterize galena image using 4 levels