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get information about a color
compute properties of a named color
chartreuse burnt umber
specify an HTML color
HTML green
query a specific property of a color
orange saturation hue of #445566
get information about a color tone
dark orange much lighter #E456FF
compare colors
violet vs magenta

Color Systems ››

specify a color using red-green-blue (RGB) values
RGB 0.95, 0.75, 0.00
specify a color using XYZ values
XYZ 70 40 50
specify a color using CIELAB values
CIE Lab 80 30 20

Color Arithmetic ››

add two or more colors
cyan + yellow 2 red + 0.5 light orange + 0.3 brown
specify the gamma correction of a color
(orange red)^2.3

Related Colors

complementary color
#E4561A complement
find a color triad
triad #445566
find a color tetrad
tetrad dark brown
find a nearby brand color
Tiffany blue close brand color

Colors of Light ››

explore the properties of colored light
red colored light
find facts about the colors of light
effective temperature of orange light
compare colors of light
red light vs green light vs blue light

Sets of Colors

investigate groups of colors
set of green colors set of red HTML colors
examine the color space properties of a set of colors
blue XYZ color space yellow HSV color space
compare sets of colors
set of blue colors, set of red colors

Color Conversions

convert a hexadecimal RGB color to HSL representation
#FE3456 in HSL
convert a named color to CIELAB representation
dark brown in Lab

Paint Colors

specify a paint color by brand and name or number
Benjamin Moore brandy cream benjamin moore AF-230


compute the blackbody radiation color for a temperature
3000 K