Chemical Elements ››

get information about a chemical element
do computations using properties of chemical elements
density gold / lead

Chemical Compounds ››

compare properties of multiple compounds
flash point methane, butane, octane
analyze properties of a class of compounds
boiling point of perfluorocarbons

Ions ››

get information about an ion
get information about a class of ions
weak acid ions

Chemical Quantities ››

compute properties of a quantity of a chemical
500mg of silver nitrate 4eq of phosphate

Chemical Solutions ››

compute properties of a chemical solution
concentrated acetic acid
compute properties of a quantity of a solution
100 mL of 1.5 molar K2CO3 in THF

Chemical Reactions ››

balance a chemical equation
Al + O2 -> Al2O3 octane + O2 -> water + CO2

Chemical Thermodynamics ››

find properties of a substance in a given phase
trimethylamine gas
compute properties at a specified temperature
vapor pressure of ethanol at 300K

Functional Groups

get information about a functional group
nitrile functional group aldehyde group

Chemical Protecting Groups ››

get information about a protecting group
MOM ether
find behavior under specified conditions
FMOC amide under reducing conditions

Chemical Formulas

find isomers with a given formula
get a formula for a chemical

Cheminformatics ››

find the largest common substructure between two molecules
maximum common substructure of atp and caffeine
generate potential molecules from a formula
C4H8O2 possible structures

3D Structures

see the three-dimensional structure of a molecule
3D structure of ibuprofen VX space filling structure
compute topological properties of a molecule
butane topological indices cyclopentane Schultz index

pH Indicators

find the indicators for a particular pH
indicators that change color at pH 3 indicators for pH 9

Orbital Hybridization

compute hybridization in a compound
trimethylamine hybridization
compare hybridization in two compounds
hybridization TNT vs benzene