Chemical Elements ››

get information about a chemical element
compare several elements
N, O, F
do computations using properties of chemical elements
density gold / lead

Chemical Compounds ››

get information about a chemical compound
eicosapentaenoic acid
compare properties of multiple compounds
flash point methane, butane, octane
analyze properties of a class of compounds
boiling point of perfluorocarbons

Ions ››

get information about an ion
compare several ions
NH4+, N-3, PO4-3
get information about a class of ions
weak acid ions

Chemical Quantities ››

compute properties of a quantity of a chemical
500mg of silver nitrate 4eq of phosphate

Chemical Solutions ››

compute properties of a chemical solution
concentrated acetic acid
compute properties of a quantity of a solution
100 mL of 1.5 molar K2CO3 in THF

Chemical Reactions ››

balance a chemical equation
Al + O2 -> Al2O3 octane + O2 -> water + CO2

Chemical Thermodynamics ››

find properties of a substance in a given phase
trimethylamine gas
compute properties at a specified temperature
vapor pressure of ethanol at 300K

Functional Groups

get information about a functional group
nitrile functional group aldehyde group

Chemical Protecting Groups ››

get information about a protecting group
MOM ether
find behavior under specified conditions
FMOC amide under reducing conditions

Chemical Formulas

find isomers with a given formula
get a formula for a chemical

Chemical Substructures

find the largest common substructure between two molecules
maximum common substructure of atp and caffeine hydrastine, myricetin MCS diphenylcyclopropane, truxenone common substructure
find and highlight chemical substructures
longest overall chain in decanoyl peroxide cysteine, salmon calcitonin longest straight chain what is the aromatic structure of 4-methoxytriphenylamine

3D Structures

see the three-dimensional structure of a molecule
3D structure of ibuprofen VX space filling structure
compute topological properties of a molecule
butane topological indices cyclopentane Schultz index

pH Indicators

find the indicators for a particular pH
indicators that change color at pH 3 indicators for pH 9

Orbital Hybridization

compute hybridization in a compound
trimethylamine hybridization
compare hybridization in two compounds
hybridization TNT vs benzene