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Chemical Solutions


compute properties of a chemical solution
concentrated acetic acid 5% HCl 0.4 molar potassium hydroxide
compute a specified property of a solution
density of 3 molar ethanol viscosity of 0.5 molar lithium hydroxide equivalents of 12 molar phosphoric acid
compute properties of a quantity of a solution
100 mL of 1.5 molar K2CO3 in THF
compute using a named formula
Raoult’s law benzene, toluene
do titration computations
strong acid titration titration of 50 mL of 2M of strong acid with 3M of strong base
do dilution computations
molarity of 1 ml of 5 M HCl in 5 L of water dilute 5 ml of 38% (w/v) HCl with 30 ml water dilute 30 ml of 3 molar NaOH with 30 ml of water
determine miscibility of chemicals
What solvents are miscible in acetone? can I dissolve acetone in benzene? is ethanol soluble in benzene?


get properties of a saltwater solution
saltwater saltwater density conductivity of brackish water
get data on saline solutions
half-normal saline quarter-normal saline
find the absorption coefficient of sea water
sound absorption in sea water what is the absorption coefficient of sound in the atlantic ocean?