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Atmospheric Thermodynamics

Wind Chill & Heat Index

compute a wind chill
wind chill, 25 degrees F, 30mph
compute a heat index
heat index, 33 degrees C, 70% humidity
compute humidex temperature and rating
humidex, 30C, 50% humidity

Psychrometrics ››

compute properties of moist air
moist air drybulb 72F, wetbulb 66F, pressure 29inHg
compute sound absorption coefficients for moist air
absorption coefficient of sound moist air at 30C and 20%

Degree Days ››

calculate degree days in a given location
degree days Paris
specify heating or cooling degree days
heating degree days in Buffalo
calculate heating and cooling degree days for a given period
degree days June 2009 to October 2009 in Los Angeles

Saturation Vapor Pressure

compute saturation vapor pressure
saturation vapor pressure 30C