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Atmospheric Sciences

Standard Atmosphere

compute atmospheric properties for a given elevation
atmosphere 40000ft sound speed at 100,000ft

Atmospheric Layers

learn about the layers of the atmosphere
atmospheric layers
specify a layer by name
specify an altitude above the Earth
50000 feet above the earth

Atmospheric Composition

get data on the composition of the atmosphere
atmosphere of Earth

Barometric Pressure

estimate barometric pressure
barometric pressure at extreme altitudes
specify a location
What is the barometric pressure on top of K2?

Atmospheric Thermodynamics ››

compute properties of moist air
moist air drybulb 72F, wetbulb 66F, pressure 29inHg
compute saturation vapor pressure
saturation vapor pressure 30C

Clouds ››

get information about a type of cloud
compute cloud base height
cloud base height


investigate raindrops
5mm diameter rain drop
compute properties of raindrops
time to fall for 2mm raindrop speed of 1mm raindrop
determine raindrop size from the rate of rainfall
average rain drop size in 20 mm/hr rain

Carbon Footprints ››

compute the carbon dioxide cost of heating a house
carbon footprint gas 15000 Btu/h
find carbon dioxide equivalents of chemicals
global warming potential of methane

Fluid Mechanics ››

calculate barometric pressure
p0=1 bar, height = 3km rho=1g/cm^3, h=3m, atmospheric pressure=1 bar, p=?

Electromagnetic Radiation

compute the attenuation coefficient for radio waves in air
absorption of em waves at 30 C and 20% humidity