Wolfram|Alpha Physics


Celestial Mechanics

compute the orbital period of a massive body orbiting another
Kepler's third law, 4 solar masses, 5 Earth masses, 2.5 AU
interactively compute the orbital speed of a body
circular orbit speed
visualize relation between eccentric and true anomaly
mean anomaly 85 degrees eccentricity 0.6
compute locations of Lagrange points
Lagrange points Earth and Moon
investigate the relationship between orbital distance and phase
orbital radius with eccentricity 0.7 and semimajor axis 17.8 AU


compute the luminosity of a star of specified mass
luminosity 10 solar masses
compute luminosity from apparent magnitude and distance
luminosity app magnitude 2.5, d=20 light years


compute cosmological properties of the universe
1 billion years after the big bang
compute cosmological properties, given a redshift
redshift z=0.5

Black Holes

compute properties of a black hole
black hole 10 solar masses
compute properties of a rotating black hole
Kerr black hole

Asteroid Impacts

calculate the outcome of an asteroid impact
500m asteroid impact 17 km/s

Cosmic Rays

find out how many cosmic rays reach Earth
cosmic rays at 30000 ft for 1 hour