Star Charts

generate a star chart
star chart
generate a star chart for a specified location
star chart Baltimore Lowell Observatory sky map

Astronomical Events ››

compute the date and properties of an eclipse
next solar eclipse
get information about a meteor shower

Solar System ››

compute the location of a planet on a specified date
Venus 14 Jan 2001
do computations with properties of planets, moons, etc.
(mass Phobos+Deimos) / (mass Mars)
compute location and other properties of a comet
Halley's comet

Stars ››

compute location and get properties of a star
compare several stars
alpha Centauri A, beta Centauri, gamma Centauri
do computations with star properties
mass Proxima Centauri / Sun

Exoplanets ››

get information about an exoplanet
Upsilon Andromedae b
do computations using properties of exoplanets
mass Iota Draconis b / Jupiter

Galaxies ››

compute location and get properties of a galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy
get a property of a galaxy
How far is NGC 4603 from Earth?

Star Clusters ››

compute location and get properties of a star cluster
locate a cluster at a specified time
Double Cluster 11:30 tonight

Nebulae ››

compute location and get properties of a nebula
Orion Nebula
compare nebulae
M43 vs IC 1871

Astronomical Radio Sources

look up objects by name
Sagittarius A*
look up objects by catalog number

Astrophysics ››

compute the orbital period of a massive body orbiting another
Kepler's third law, 4 solar masses, 5 Earth masses, 2.5 AU
compute cosmological properties of the universe
1 billion years after the big bang

Observatories & Telescopes ››

get information about an observatory
Greenwich Observatory
compute telescope properties
telescope magnifying power

Satellites ››

get information about a satellite
International Space Station
compare satellites
Echostar 1, Echostar 2

Space Probes ››

get information about a space probe
Voyager 1
compare space probes
Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11

Manned Space Missions ››

get information about a manned space mission
Apollo 11
compare a property for multiple manned space missions
Vostok 1, Apollo 15, STS 2 launch dates

Celestial Navigation ››

find your way by celestial navigation
local hour angle of Mars