Art & Design

Colors ››

compare colors
violet vs magenta
specify a color using red-green-blue (RGB) values
RGB 0.95, 0.75, 0.00
add two or more colors
2 red + 0.5 light orange + 0.3 brown
complementary color
#E4561A complement
convert a hexadecimal RGB color to HSL representation
#FE3456 in HSL

Image Processing ››

apply a filter to an image
apply bilateral filter to dog image
apply various effects to an image
turn into a comic an image of Harry Potter
apply a morphological operator to an image
apply image dilation to The Office image
detect features of an image
edge detect image of Einstein
perform color processing
invert colors of Apatosaurus image

Document Length ››

do document length calculations
70,000 words
specify a language
35,000 words in Finnish
specify a document type
120 page screenplay

Display Formats ››

compute display characteristics from pixel count
1024 x 768 pixels
specify pixel density
2.5 megapixel 300dpi display
compare photo sizes
5" by 7" photo vs 8" by 10" photo

Units ››

get unit conversions for a quantity
39 points
do a calculation with units
5 inches + 2.3 cm
compare two quantities
8.5 inches vs 560 points

Famous Artwork ››

get information about a work of art
Girl with a Pearl Earring The Kiss by Rodin
compare works of art
Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, Campbell's Soup Cans, Eight Elvises
look up a property of a work of art
When was Edward Hopper's Nighthawks completed? size of Diana and Callisto which museum exhibits Pieta by Michelangelo?

Photography ››

compute field or angle of view
field of view
compute other parameters
numerical aperture D=30mm
get properties of a photo size
nearest paper sizes for a 5"x7" photo

Barcodes ››

encode a string of digits as a barcode
barcode 12345678910
generate a QR code
QR code for www.wolframalpha.com
generate a barcode corresponding to an ISBN-10
ISBN 1-5795-5008-8

Notable Texts ››

find the length of part of a novel
number of paragraphs in chapter 20 of The Picture Of Dorian Gray
find the most frequent two-word phrases in a poem
most frequent two-word phrases in The Raven

Packing & Covering of Objects ››

estimate the number of objects required to cover a specified area
pennies to cover 2 square miles
estimate the number of objects required to circle another object
How many grains of rice would it take to stretch around the moon?