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get information about an animal species
jaguar Orinoco sword-nosed bat
specify a species by scientific name
Atelerix albiventris
find facts about animal species
how far can a tiger jump? how fast can a giraffe run? air speed of a peregrine falcon vs land speed of a cheetah jellyfish protein levels in bodily fluid wingspan of the greater flamingo
compare multiple species
puma, lion, red fox
get information about higher taxa
Lepidoptera transtillaspis taxonomy
compare higher taxa
compare parastenocarididae and archiacanthocephala
discover the frequency at which animals shake to shed water
50 lb wet dog shaking frequency shaking frequency of a wet badger
simulate how a dog sees an image
how a dog sees a cat image

Dog Breeds ››

find a list of available dog breeds
list of dog breeds
learn about a specific dog breed
Doberman Pinscher
get a property of a dog breed
lifespan of a pug
rank dog breeds
tallest dog breeds

Cat Breeds ››

find a list of available cat breeds
cat breeds
learn about a specific cat breed
Abyssinian cat
request a property of a cat breed
personality of a York Chocolate cat
find cat breeds meeting given criteria
cat breeds with mean weight < 8 lbs