Wolfram|Alpha Socioeconomic Data


Crop Production

get data on crop production in a given country
soybean harvest in Mexico
specify a group of countries
coffee harvest in Caribbean countries
compare crop production between countries
corn yield in China vs Russia

Meat Production

get data on meat production in a given country
Spain meat production
specify a type of meat
New Zealand lamb production
compare meat production between countries
beef production Brazil vs Argentina


do computations with land area
crop land area Spain + Portugal


get livestock population data
Brazil livestock
compare livestock data for multiple countries
livestock China vs India
specify a type of livestock
France goat population
compare livestock populations
Germany cattle vs hogs
do computations with livestock populations
US chickens + turkeys + ducks

Food Consumption

get food consumption data for a country
Japan food consumption
compare consumption in multiple countries
food consumption US, Mexico
get data on consumption of a particular food
Italy coffee consumption
compare food consumption across a group of countries
Africa rice consumption