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Advanced Mathematics

Complex Analysis ››

compute properties of a function of a complex variable (use the variable <i>z</i>)
locate poles of a complex function
poles of (z^2-4) / ((z-2)^4*(z^2+5z+7))
compute the residue of a function at a point
residue csc^7(z) at z=0

Vector Analysis ››

compute the gradient of a function
grad sin(x^2 y)
compute the divergence of a vector field
div [x^2 sin y, y^2 sin xz, xy sin (cos z)]
calculate alternate forms of a vector analysis expression
curl (curl F)

Knot Theory ››

compute properties of a knot
trefoil knot
specify a knot using Alexander–Briggs notation
8_1 knot
compare several knots
Stevedore knot, figure eight knot

Integral Transforms ››

compute a Fourier transform
Fourier transform exp(-x^2)
compute a Laplace transform
LT e^t sin 2t